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Dealing with Chest Numbness After Mastectomy
Side-Effects ManagementBreast Cancer
Chest numbness is a side effect often ignored or not discussed in breast cancer, but losing physical sensation in nearly 10% of the body can have a profound impact on a woman’s physical and emotional life.
How Planning and Organization Helped in My Breast Cancer Journey
SurvivorshipBreast Cancer
Cancer is hard enough. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and everything becomes more challenging, and everyone more lonely, as Heather Barto learned after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.
Defined by Cancer, or I Defy My Cancer?
SurvivorshipBreast Cancer
A whirlwind of stress was mounting in Dawn Coyle’s personal life even before she received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2021. Then, she had to take on cancer largely alone in a post-pandemic world while working full time and being there for her aging parents.
A Word of Encouragement
Issue IntroductionsBreast Cancer
As a breast cancer survivor herself, Ms. Shockney offers advice in hope of helping women diagnosed with breast cancer regain a sense of peace.
Young Survival Coalition: Focused on the Needs of Young Adults with Breast Cancer
Breast CancerInterview with the Advocates
An interview with Jamie Larson of the Young Survival Coalition about the many programs their organization offers to young women with breast cancer.
Our Future: “Good Girls” with Advanced Breast Cancer
Patient StoriesBreast Cancer
After being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at age 30, Elizabeth McSpadden was shocked by the lack of appropriate norms to address fertility and other relevant issues in young women with cancer.
Things They Often Don’t Tell You About Breast Cancer
Breast CancerPatient Advocacy
Diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at age 45, Lauren Schultz found herself having to navigate a new world she knew nothing about. Here, she gives specific tips she had to learn the hard way.
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