Men's Health

What It Really Means to “Man Up”
Colorectal CancerMen's HealthSurvivorship
Six months before he was diagnosed with stage IIIB colorectal cancer, both of Joe Bullock’s parents passed away. Chemotherapy hit him hard and stirred a mixture of depression and feelings of inadequacy as a husband and father. Then he discovered the power of opening up.
Your Prostate Gland, Your Responsibility: Understanding the Risks, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer
Prostate CancerMen's Health
Dr. Daniel Vorobiof provides an overview of prostate cancer, including prevention tips and risk factors, diagnosis, treatment options, and specific questions to consider asking your doctor.
Why Men with Cancer Don’t Seek Support: Fear of Vulnerability and Lack of Power
Men's Health
Many men hid their emotions and vulnerability in an effort to maintain a sense of manliness or power, but suffering in silence can have drastic implications for men’s health and make cancer treatment more difficult.
Providing Men a New, Safer Way of Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
Prostate CancerDiagnosisMen's Health
Dr. Matthew Allaway is a testicular cancer survivor and a practicing urologist. Here, he describes a new procedure he crated to ease the difficulty of diagnosing prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men in the United States.

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