Cancer & Misinformation/Myths

Traditional versus Alternative Therapies: What Is the Difference?
Alternative TherapiesCancer & Misinformation/Myths
Dr. Forrestal breaks down the differences between traditional medicine, which relies on scientific evidence to prove its benefits, and alternative therapies, which can promise cures without any evidence.
Spotting Cancer Scams and Shams: Watch for Partial Truths & Overpromises
Cancer & Misinformation/MythsSurvivorship
Today, we even use the Internet as a stand-in for doctors and medical advice. Dr. Forrestal provides surefire advice on how to know when sources are trustworthy, and how to spot misleading claims, scams, and false information.
Top 5 Breast Cancer Nutrition Myths Debunked
Nutrition & CancerCancer & Misinformation/MythsNutrition With Julie
From well-intentioned friends and family members who share the latest rumor about cancer and nutrition to the crazy headlines on social media that are full of misinformation, people with cancer are barraged with advice—much of it bad. Registered Dietitian Julie Lanford busts 5 of those myths.
11 Common Myths About Cancer: Consider the Evidence
SurvivorshipCancer & Misinformation/Myths
Many false notions about cancer circulate online and among patients and their family members and friends. These myths often are not based on scientific evidence and may prevent people from receiving best treatments or add misplaced anxiety. Dr. Pankaj Vashi debunks some of these common myths.
The Dangers of Fake Medical News
SurvivorshipCancer & Misinformation/Myths
In today’s busy news environment—with its 24-hour story cycles, social media platforms, and flood of information—phony medical news spreads like the flu.

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