My Journey From an Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis to the Twist Out Cancer Community
A cancer survivor spirals into an isolated world of depression and anxiety, only to get help twisting out of it from an unexpected source.
Observations From the Seventh Floor
An exploration of the author's thoughts and emotions during and after chemotherapy.
The Littlest Biggest Inspiration
An unlikely connection develops between the author, an ALK-positive lung cancer survivor, and the children she spent a career assisting—both having done battle with a monster within.
When You Don't Fit the Description
When a young woman was diagnosed with what is generally considered an “old man’s” disease, she learned an important lesson about being her own advocate.
My Love Affair with Oncology
Can an oncology center double as a spiritual oasis? This cancer survivor sums it up through the ancient words of Cicero: “In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.”
My Testimony
For this 3-time cancer survivor, life seems to come in threes: as the third Elise in her family to survive breast cancer, she found support in 3 places during her 3 triumphs over cancer and wants to offer you 3 pieces of advice.
How Creativity Helped Me Heal
How do art, medicine, and healing intersect? This artist and survivor knows from personal experience.
A Little Help from Our Friends
EssaysBreast CancerEndometrial Cancer
Sometimes a small gesture can save a life. Just ask this survivor.
The Best Gifts
A poignant essay on abandoning the role of “humorous patient” and acknowledging the need to grieve.
A 4-Year Glioblastoma Survivor: Hope Is a Great Medicine
EssaysBrain Cancer
What can transform a life-shattering moment into a triumphant crusade to share positivity? Read what this 4-year glioblastoma survivor says is the best medicine.

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