My Love Affair with Oncology
Can an oncology center double as a spiritual oasis? This cancer survivor sums it up through the ancient words of Cicero: “In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.”
My Testimony
For this 3-time cancer survivor, life seems to come in threes: as the third Elise in her family to survive breast cancer, she found support in 3 places during her 3 triumphs over cancer and wants to offer you 3 pieces of advice.
How Creativity Helped Me Heal
How do art, medicine, and healing intersect? This artist and survivor knows from personal experience.
A Little Help from Our Friends
EssaysBreast CancerEndometrial Cancer
Sometimes a small gesture can save a life. Just ask this survivor.
The Best Gifts
A poignant essay on abandoning the role of “humorous patient” and acknowledging the need to grieve.
A 4-Year Glioblastoma Survivor: Hope Is a Great Medicine
EssaysBrain Cancer
What can transform a life-shattering moment into a triumphant crusade to share positivity? Read what this 4-year glioblastoma survivor says is the best medicine.

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