Treatment of Relapsed or Refractory Mantle-Cell Lymphoma
LymphomaMantle-Cell Lymphoma
If their first treatment stops working, patients with mantle-cell lymphoma are prescribed a different therapy. Several new treatment options are available for these patients, with several more being studied in clinical trials.
Understanding Health Insurance Benefits
LymphomaMantle-Cell Lymphoma
Most patients with mantle-cell lymphoma are expected to share in the cost of their treatment. Understanding health insurance benefits will help them to anticipate their out-of-pocket cost responsibilities.
What Is Mantle-Cell Lymphoma?
Mantle-Cell LymphomaLymphoma
Mantle-cell lymphoma is one of 70 subtypes of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although the precise cause is not known, the same genetic abnormality has been identified in a high percentage of patients.
Diagnosing Mantle-Cell Lymphoma
Mantle-Cell LymphomaLymphoma
Common signs and symptoms of mantle-cell lymphoma may be similar to other conditions. A comprehensive workup including a physical examination, lab tests, and imaging may be required to establish a definitive diagnosis and identify the disease stage.
Initial Treatment of Mantle-Cell Lymphoma
LymphomaMantle-Cell Lymphoma
A number of treatment options are available for patients with mantle-cell lymphoma. The specific choice of treatment may depend on the stage of the disease, symptoms, and the patient’s age and health status.
Working with the Treatment Team
Mantle-Cell LymphomaLymphoma
Patients and their loves ones should take part in key decisions regarding their care, and it is therefore important for patients to communicate their perspective during the shared treatment decision-making process.
Telling Patients About CAR T-Cell Therapy
ImmunotherapyLeukemiaLymphomaPersonalized Medicine
Nurse Navigator Claire White describes the way she tells her patients what CAR T-cell therapy is and how it works.
Grandpa and Me: How Cancer and Faith Have Shaped My Life's Course
LymphomaPatient Stories
After being hit by “the cancer bomb” at age 20 and inspired by her grandfather’s experience with cancer, Madison Miller started a nonprofit organization to provide resources for other patients with cancer.
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