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My Love Affair with Oncology
Can an oncology center double as a spiritual oasis? This cancer survivor sums it up through the ancient words of Cicero: “In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.”
My Testimony
For this 3-time cancer survivor, life seems to come in threes: as the third Elise in her family to survive breast cancer, she found support in 3 places during her 3 triumphs over cancer and wants to offer you 3 pieces of advice.
How Creativity Helped Me Heal
How do art, medicine, and healing intersect? This artist and survivor knows from personal experience.
A Little Help from Our Friends
EssaysBreast CancerEndometrial Cancer
Sometimes a small gesture can save a life. Just ask this survivor.
A 4-Year Glioblastoma Survivor: Hope Is a Great Medicine
EssaysBrain Cancer
What can transform a life-shattering moment into a triumphant crusade to share positivity? Read what this 4-year glioblastoma survivor says is the best medicine.
What You Need to Know about Cannabinoid Law and Science
Legal Corner
The Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act is a new law recently passed by Congress to ensure the safe use of these products. However, Mr. Barnes says, the science about these products is still limited, and patients with cancer must protect themselves by knowing the law and understanding the potential risks involved.
Recent Articles Offer Positive Approaches for Patients Facing Cancer
Letters to the Editor
Mr. Galioto recommends 2 articles published in CONQUER magazine. Readers are encouraged to submit letters to the editor to
Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide
The Navigating Iron Deficiency Anemia: My IV Iron Treatment Guide patient resource aims to empower patients and/or caregivers to actively engage in the discussion of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and the intravenous (IV) iron treatment decision-making process.
At What Age Should You Start Prostate Cancer Screening?
Prostate CancerCancer Screening
When should you start and stop screening for prostate cancer? The answer can be complicated, because each man needs to balance individually the benefits and harms of a screening test.
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