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Reasons for Optimism for Patients with Cancer Facing Another Winter with COVID-19
COVID-19 & Cancer
Although we are entering another winter with the ongoing prevalence of the coronavirus, we have come a long way since the initial outbreak. Here are some reasons for patients to be optimistic for the season.
Combining Targeted Therapies in CLL
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
The combination of acalabrutinib, venetoclax, and obinutuzumab has been shown to be an active regimen in previously untreated patients with CLL.
A Comprehensive Analysis of COVID-19 in Patients with CLL
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
During the first 13 months of the pandemic, COVID-19 continued to result in high hospitalization rates among patients with CLL.
Infections in Patients with CLL Receiving Ibrutinib
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
Identifying the risk factors for infection may allow preventive measures to be taken to protect patients.
Measuring Treatment Adherence to Oral Therapies in Patients with CLL
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
Oral targeted therapies have revolutionized treatment for patients with CLL but ensuring that they are taken as prescribed is crucial to achieving optimal outcomes.
Recent Regulation of Copay Adjustment Programs
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
Copay assistance coupons and copay adjustment programs put patients in the middle of healthcare cost-saving measures.
Welcome to the Multiple Myeloma Resource Navigator for Patients
Multiple Myeloma
This publication was created together with leading patient advocates who shared their experiences and insights, in the hope that it will help you connect with patient organizations and resources as you and your care partners navigate through your diagnosis and treatment. These patient organizations provide education and support to promote your health and well-being, and help with practical matters, logistics, and financial and legal concerns.
Why Every Patient with Cancer Needs a Strong Support System
Support Services
Every person with cancer can benefit from a support system that can help manage the physical and emotional aspects of cancer care, as well as help with daily struggles.
A Look at First-Line CLL Treatment in 2021
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
Currently, many effective, well-tolerated treatments exist, with high expectations for new drugs and regimens to be developed and approved in the near future.
Analysis Shows Unmet Needs in Quality-of-Life Studies in Patients with CLL
CLL Monthly MinutesLeukemia
A literature review found a set of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual topics that could be used to better educate patients throughout their CLL treatment journey.
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