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Clinical trials are an important aspect of medical advances. Patients with various types of cancer and who are at different stages in their treatment journey can consider participating in clinical trials.
Most people are familiar with local or chain store pharmacies, where they buy prescription medications. However, another type of pharmacy, known as a specialty pharmacy, handles complex and expensive treatments, including some cancer treatments.
Although it can be a difficult and stressful journey, caring for a loved one with cancer is one of the most important and rewarding roles that people can take on.
Bladder CancerFDA Approvals, News & UpdatesUrothelial Cancer
In April 2020, the FDA approved Jelmyto as the first treatment for low-grade upper-tract urothelial cancer, a rare cancer that affects the urinary system.
People with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) can experience improvements in the way their care is managed by using a free telehealth program that connects patients with doctors who specialize in the disease.
Updated Joint Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Lung Cancer Groups
COVID-19Lung Cancer
LUNGevity and 4 other lung cancer organizations have provided information on the new coronavirus for people with lung cancer and other patients with cancer. This update also provides reliable sources of information for patients.
COVID-19 FAQs for People with Lung Cancer
COVID-19Lung Cancer
LUNGevity answers some frequently asked questions about patients with lung cancer and survivors and the coronavirus illness.
Coronavirus FAQs for People with Cancer: Interview with Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, HON-ONN-CG
COVID-19From Your NavigatorNewsworthy
COVID-19, the respiratory infection caused by the new coronavirus, is making headlines around the world. Find out what you need to know about this global disease outbreak and how to protect yourself.
Today, more people, including patients diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, are living longer with cancer thanks to advancements in cancer treatments. Improvements in the chance for long-term cancer remission are clearly important but living with cancer can also bring a new set of challenges.
People with cancer, including people who have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, do not need to face it alone. Valuable online and local resources are available for patients with cancer and their loved ones.
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