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Does Caffeine Have Hidden Benefits Against Cancer?
Nutrition & CancerWeb ExclusivesWellness Corner
Millions of Americans rely on a morning “cup of Joe” to start their day, but can coffee help fight cancer, too?
New Biomarker May Predict Risk for Uterine Cancer Recurrence
Web ExclusivesCancer Biomarkers
A new study that included 500 women with uterine cancer diagnosed between 1981 and 2007 led to the discovery of a biomarker that may be able to identify those who are at high risk for uterine cancer recurrence.
Proof that Bald Really Is Beautiful
Side-Effects ManagementWeb Exclusives
Read about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a program that took off after a few colleagues thought of shaving their heads as a way to raise money for children with cancer.
New Cancer Therapies Present Different Side Effects: Navigating Unchartered Territory
Side-Effects ManagementSurvivorshipWeb Exclusives
Patients who respond to these targeted treatments generally see the side effects as a small price to pay for the life-extending benefit of these new therapies.
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