Co-Surviving Cancer: Caring for Caregivers
Book ReviewsCaregivers
As a cancer survivor herself and caregiver to her father during his fight with lung cancer, Katie Brown provides a guide to caregivers and describes her new book, Co-Surviving Cancer: The Guide for Caregivers, Family Members and Friends of Adults Living with Cancer.
How to Help a Person Newly Diagnosed with Cancer (and Take Care of Yourself, Too)
CaregiversFamily MembersFrom Your Navigator
Lillie Shockney describes some of the best ways that families and caregivers can help a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, and provides tips for caregivers to simultaneously make sure they are taking care of themselves.
Liver Cancer Cases Still Rising: Caregivers Feel Uninformed About Its Causes and Treatment Options
CaregiversLiver Cancer
Unlike many types of cancers, the number of new cases of liver cancer, specifically hepatocellular carcinoma—the most common type of liver cancer—is increasing in the US. Read about the pressures, including the unmet needs, of caregivers of those affected by liver cancer.
Run Your Race: What It  Means to Be a Care Partner
CaregiversProstate Cancer
Here is some valuable advice regarding being a care partner. Kristin Ainsworth learns that taking care of her husband, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, also requires her taking care of herself.
Recognizing Caregiver Fatigue
While it is clearly important for caregivers to care for their loved ones with cancer, it is also vital that they don’t neglect themselves. Caregivers get a rare spotlight in this article.
Role Reversal: Men as Caregivers
Men are caregivers too! Read about the unique challenges men face as caregivers as they deal with their communication skills, stress, and emotions in an effort to be there for their loved ones.
Caregiver Coping Strategies: Keeping a Gratitude Journal
To combat the chaos of caring for her mom through chemotherapy for breast cancer, Susan Herndon, BSN, RN, OCN, keeps a journal to maintain a healthy routine and keep things in perspective.
The Caregiving Team
When Steve Battle's mom, Brenda, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, he became the primary caregiver on what is now known as “Team Brenda.”
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