Clinical Trials

The Benefits of and Barriers to Participating in Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials
Clinical trials offer patients the opportunity to get the newest and most promising cancer treatments, so why do only 5% of adult patients with cancer participate in them? Read about the key barriers that need to be addressed.
Fighting Cancer Amid a Pandemic: My Cross-Country Clinical Trial Experience
Patient StoriesGastric CancerClinical Trials
At age 68, Dan Greene was told the intense pain in his abdomen was likely pancreatic cancer, until further testing determined he had stage IV stomach cancer. Joining a clinical trial gave him a second chance.
Clinical Trial Aims to Reduce Malnutrition in Patients with Lung Cancer
Nutrition & CancerLung CancerClinical Trials
Combating malnutrition should be at the forefront of cancer care, as studies have shown that up to 80% of patients with cancer are malnourished at some point during their treatment. Dr. Spees describes a new clinical trial focused on improving the nutrition of patients with lung cancer.
A Clinical Trial Is Saving My Life
Clinical TrialsPatient StoriesBreast Cancer
Catherine North has been living with stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer for more than 5 years. She describes her positive experience in a clinical trial, which she highly recommends to people facing similar circumstances.
Why Improving Enrollment and Diversity in Cancer Clinical Trials Requires the Attention of State Lawmakers
Cancer ResearchClinical Trials
Dana Dornsife, Founder and CEO of Lazarex Cancer Foundation, examines the importance of cancer clinical trials, noting that only about 5% of patients enrolled in clinical trials are from minority communities, something that needs to change.
Oncology Clinical Trials: Is It a Choice for You?
Clinical Trials
Clinical trials can offer patients an investigational drug not yet widely available. Here’s what you need to know.
Clinical Trials to Improve AYA Outcomes
Clinical Trials
Dr. Michael Roth believes that enhanced clinical trial enrollment will improve survival and quality of life for AYAs, and stresses the need to determine and overcome barriers to AYA clinical trial enrollment.
Why Are Clinical Trials Important in the Fight Against Cancer?
Clinical Trials
Dr. Michael Roth explains why clinical trials are critical to improving overall patient outcomes, including survivorship and quality of life.
The Gift of Life After Skin Cancer: From Surgeon to Being a Patient
Clinical TrialsPatient StoriesSkin Cancer
After a lifetime of treating patients, Dr. David Crouch understood his own illness left little room for optimism as skin cancer returned again and again. As a last resort, he joined a clinical trial of a new immunotherapy that provided him a new lease on life. Today, after 2 years in remission, his mission is to educate people about this cancer and this immunotherapy.
Is CAR T-Cell Therapy Safe and Effective?
Cancer ResearchClinical TrialsImmunotherapy
Claire White discusses the role of the FDA in evaluating new and promising treatments such as CAR T-cell therapy and the complexity of getting approvals.
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