Clinical Trials

Patient Misconceptions About Clinical Trials
Clinical TrialsMultiple Myeloma
Yelak Biru identifies some pervasive misconceptions and common barriers that exist regarding clinical trials.
Clinical Trials Program Empowers Patients with Blood Cancer to Find Novel Treatment Options
Clinical Trials
The Jason Carter Clinical Trials Program helps patients with blood cancers find and access clinical trials for free.
Why Are Clinical Trials Important?
Clinical Trials
Dr Andrey Antov believes it's important for patients to participate in clinical trials for a multitude of reasons, as clinical trials can benefit both the patient and the healthcare system as a whole.
Why Should I Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial for New Cancer Immunotherapies?
Cancer ResearchClinical TrialsImmunotherapy
According to the Cancer Research Institute, only 3% to 6% of eligible patients with cancer participate in clinical trials in the United States. Read the reasons why clinical trials are a great option to consider.
Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials Hurts Patients and Drug Development
Clinical TrialsMultiple Myeloma
Despite the great advances in cancer therapies, only a small proportion of patients with cancer participate in clinical trials today. This has a detrimental effect on the development of new cancer drugs.
Clinical Trials: What's in It for Me?
Clinical Trials
For patients with cancer, decision-making can feel like a full-time job. The prospect of participating in a clinical trial can become just one more decision that needs to be made. Without the proper information and resources, participating in a clinical trial is often not even an option.
Finding Hope for Multiple Myeloma through a Clinical Trial
Clinical TrialsMultiple Myeloma
The following section features a selection of patient stories submitted to the 2015 Hero of Hope™ Patient Award. These stories illustrate the range of extraordinary patient profiles submitted by patients, family members, friends, and healthcare providers.
Including the Patient Voice in Clinical Trials Design
Cancer ResearchClinical TrialsPatient Advocacy
The role of patients in clinical trials is slowly changing, but enlightening more pharmaceutical companies about the value of the patient’s perspective in designing clinical trials is still a challenge.
Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial
Clinical TrialsFrom Your Navigator
Clinical trials may be a good treatment option for some patients with cancer, but these trials can be difficult to understand.

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