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A Different Kind of Therapy
Family MembersPatient StoriesPet Therapy
“This all stemmed from seeing the therapy dog at the hospital and believing I could make a difference, especially after the situation I went through,” says Kelli Coppinger about her dog, Bandit, becoming a therapy dog.
Talking to Children About Your Cancer
Family MembersPatient Stories
Parenting can be hard enough when things are “normal.” Throw in a cancer diagnosis, and your world can spin out of control.
What Survivorship Taught Me About Motherhood
Family MembersPatient Stories
Tonya Richardson offers a glimpse into how a cancer diagnosis changed her outlook on life, and she writes an open letter to her 9 children.
Cancer Also Affects Family Members and Caregivers
CaregiversFamily MembersIssue Introductions
Welcome to the newest issue of CONQUER! This issue is packed with a wealth of information that we hope will be of value to you and your family. Here are some of the highlights.
My Wife Has Cancer...What Happens Now?
Family MembersPatient Stories
Jack felt obsessive about his role—the need to be by his wife's side around the clock, taking her to every appointment, and refusing the help that their friends and family members offered.
My Dad’s Prostate Cancer
Prostate CancerFamily Members
The decision to watch and wait was right for my dad and for our family, and being able to talk about all the options with the doctor and primary nurse helped us make the right decision.
Juggling Parenthood and Treatment: Tips for Making It Work
Family MembersPatient StoriesSurvivorship
Here is some advice regarding the management of parenthood and cancer treatment.
The Important Lessons Learned from Cancer Caregivers
CaregiversFamily Members
Nothing prepares you for the emotions you experience when a loved one receives the diagnosis of a debilitating illness for which there is no cure.
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