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Timing and Message Are Key When Talking to Children About Cancer
Family MembersPatient Stories
Here are some key points to consider when talking to kids about cancer, a delicate subject requiring careful communication.
The 8 C's for Talking to Your Children About Cancer
Family MembersFinancial Support
Read through the “8 empowering C’s of coping with cancer” as introduced by Allison Schaffer, LCSW, at a SURVIVORville meeting.
A Husband's Letter
Family MembersPatient StoriesSurvivorship
A touching letter from Paul Smyth, to nurse navigator Marian Gilmore, RN, OCN, who cared for his wife.
My Mother Is Getting Better
Breast CancerFamily MembersPatient Stories
Emily Silver, whose mother had bread cancer, recounts what it was like to experience cancer in the family from the perspective of a child.
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