Genetics & Cancer

A Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests for Cancer
Genetics & CancerOnline First
Curious about at-home genetic testing? Here’s what you need to know to decide if, when, and what testing fits your needs.
Precision Medicine Might Have Made a Difference for My Mom: It Could Help Patients with Cancer Today
Personalized MedicineGenetics & Cancer
After losing her mom to stage IV squamous-cell carcinoma, Kerry Cooke is now focusing on helping other patients with cancer, explaining the benefits of CureMatch, a new artificial intelligence technology that can determine the best treatment for individual patients with cancer.
Understanding Personalized Medicine and Genetics in Cancer: Why This Matters to Patients
Personalized MedicineGenetics & CancerTargeted Therapies
Sometimes we hear words that sound familiar but we don’t fully know their meaning. This article explains the common terms “personalized medicine” and “targeted therapy” used by oncologists, and why we need to understand them.
Advances in the Treatment of Patients with NSCLC and Genetic Mutations or with Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Lung CancerGenetics & Cancer
Although most of the drugs being developed for lung cancer these days are for non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), there may be a shift on the horizon as new treatment options emerge for patients with small-cell lung cancer.
New Study Shows Causes of Lung Cancer in People Who Never Smoked
Lung CancerGenetics & CancerBiomarkers
It has become increasingly clear that lung cancer can be caused by different factors, including some environmental chemicals. Lung cancer in never smokers under the microscope.
Learning I Had Lynch Syndrome Helped Save My Life
Colorectal CancerGenetics & CancerPatient Stories
Lynch syndrome is a hereditary genetic abnormality that can cause several types of cancer. Wenora Johnson discovered that it ran in her family after she had treatment for colon cancer. Knowing that she was at a high risk for certain cancers, and having 2 children already, she had her ovaries and uterus removed, as prevention.
Genetic, Genomic, or Biomarker Testing in Cancer—What Is the Difference?
BiomarkersGenetics & CancerGenomic/Genetic Testing
Genetic testing, genomic testing, molecular profiling—how can you make sense of these terms to ensure you receive the best test and best treatment in this era of targeted therapies? A group of experts and patient advocates provide answers to these questions.
Biomarker Testing Crucial for Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma
BiomarkersCholangiocarcinomaGenetics & CancerGenomic/Genetic Testing
New treatments are becoming available for patients with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). Testing for specific biomarkers is crucial to ensure each patient receives the best available treatment for any associated biomarker.
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