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Misconceptions About Metastatic Disease
Patient AdvocacyCoordination of Care
Cassie Osborne, RN, MSN, OCN, ONN-CG explains the misconceptions patients can have when they receive a metastatic disease diagnosis.
Supporting Metastatic Disease Patients
Patient AdvocacyCoordination of Care
Healthcare needs a greater focus on metastatic survivors and establishing treatment goals that the patient wants to proceed with.
Chronic and Metastatic Patients
Patient AdvocacyCoordination of Care
Patients who are living with chronic and metastatic disease face a unique set of challenges in their care coordination.
Knowing a Patient's Cancer Risks
Coordination of CarePatient Advocacy
Andi Dwyer, BS, explains how oncology navigators and their patients need to be aware of their risks of cancer to know how to best move ahead with cancer screenings.
Common Barriers of Care for Older Populations
Barriers to CarePatient Advocacy
Ageism is prevalent in healthcare and is the number 1 barrier that older patients with cancer face when receiving care.
Specialized Cancer Programs for Older Populations
Barriers to CarePatient Advocacy
Sarah H. Kagan, PhD, RN, AOCN, APRN-BC, FAAN, FGSA explains why we need specialized programs to address the needs of older people living with cancer.
Resiliency Among Patients with Advanced Disease
Patient Advocacy
Kelly Grosklags, LICSW, BCD, FAAGC provides advice for patients with advanced disease.
Psychosocial Care for Patients with Advanced Disease
Mental HealthPatient Advocacy
Providing mental health services for patients with terminal diagnoses, as stable mental health allows patients to physically respond in a positive way.
Finding Financial Help When You Need It Most: Meet the PAN Foundation
Financial SupportPatient Advocacy
Ayesha Azam, VP of Medical Affairs at the Patient Access Network Foundation, explains the different ways that this organization provides financial assistance and grants for nearly 70 different medical conditions, including cancers and rare diseases. Find out if you qualify for financial support.
John Doll’s Lung Cancer Journey: From Patent Commissioner to Patient Advocacy
Lung CancerPatient StoriesPatient Advocacy
A chest x-ray and a CT scan revealed a diagnosis of stage IV (advanced) non–small-cell lung cancer after John Doll was experiencing shortness of breath and a lingering cold.
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