Side-Effects Management

Chemo-Induced Hair Loss Still a Major Concern for Patients
ChemotherapySide-Effects Management
A new survey of patients with breast or ovarian cancer showed that hair loss is among the most-dreaded side effects for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
Recognizing and Treating Immunotherapy Side Effects
ImmunotherapySide-Effects Management
Immunotherapy is all the rage today, but like any other treatment, it comes with side effects. Learn how to recognize and manage some of the common side effects.
Chemo Side-Effects Relief with Acupuncture, a Centuries-Old Treatment
ChemotherapySide-Effects Management
After being poked and prodded for cancer treatment, testing, and surgery, it seems crazy that patients with cancer would ask for more needles, but that is exactly what’s happening when it comes to acupuncture.
Coping with Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy
ChemotherapySide-Effects Management
Some chemotherapies can cause problems with sensory and motor skills; these disorders are called “neuropathies.” Most neuropathy problems improve after chemotherapy is finished.
8 Strategies for Coping with Fatigue: Replenishing Your Body's Energy Bank
Side-Effects Management
Fatigue and tiredness are not the same. Tiredness is what you feel when you don’t get enough sleep, when you overexert yourself, or when you skip a meal. A good night’s sleep, a nap, or a nutritious meal can be rejuvenating. Fatigue is different.
Dorothy Hamill: Olympic Gold Medalist Turned Breast Cancer Advocate
Breast CancerSide-Effects Management
Dorothy won a gold medal at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Austria, read about her fight–off the ice–with breast cancer.
Postmastectomy Pain Syndrome
Breast CancerSide-Effects Management
Postmastectomy pain syndrome is often described as “burning, tingling, pins and needles, stabbing, constricting, or a constant dull ache” in the breast, armpit, or both. The pain usually begins immediately after surgery but can also begin more than 6 months later.
Managing Cancer-Related Fatigue
Cancer RehabilitationSide-Effects Management
Cancer-related fatigue is very common among survivors and among those undergoing cancer treatment; it can be caused by your treatment, or by other factors related to your physical health and/or emotional state, such as chemical imbalances, hormonal changes, stress and anxiety, or poor sleep.
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