Issue Introductions

A Special Issue Bringing You the Most Up-to-Date Cancer Research
Issue Introductions
This is a very special issue of CONQUER: the patient voice. Many of you may not know that on an annual basis, the largest oncology organization, the American Society of Clinical Oncology—better known as ASCO—is holding a conference to discuss the most recent findings in cancer research.
Immunotherapy: Innovating the Way We Treat Cancer
Issue Introductions
This special issue of CONQUER magazine is about a very innovative way of treating cancer. For many decades, we have been using surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy as the main treatments for different types of cancer.
Young Patients Paying It Forward!
Issue Introductions

Welcome to the August 2020 issue of CONQUER: the patient voice. I hope you are well and being safe. We are living in a time that seems unimaginable, but very real.

“Your Journey Is Your Journey”
Issue Introductions

This new issue includes information that will give you knowledge, peace of mind (confirming that what you are thinking and feeling is normal), and words of wisdom that I hope you will apply to your own life. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Empowerment Through Understanding
Issue Introductions
Simply put, knowledge is power. This is what you need to know about your diagnosis to become empowered.
Let’s Talk About Biomarkers
Issue Introductions
This special issue of CONQUER magazine is focused on very innovative diagnostic tests that involve biomarkers associated with cancer. For many past decades we have provided the same types of treatments for patients with cancer, basing the treatments on the type of cancer the patient had, and where it was in the body, such as lung cancer or breast cancer.
Conquering COVID-19: Focus on What You Can Control
COVID-19Issue Introductions
In her introduction to the April issue, Lillie D. Shockney, RN, BS, MAS, HON-ONN-CG, offers wise suggestions to patients dealing with cancer while the world experiences an unprecedented crisis.
From Fly-Fishing to “Ringing the Bell”
Issue Introductions
Hello everyone and welcome to our February 2020 issue of CONQUER: the patient voice! Once again, we have packed many articles into this new issue to empower you with information, provide hope through inspirational stories from others, and perhaps help you look at the world with a different perspective.
The Importance of Receiving Patient-Centered Care
Issue Introductions
What is Patient-Centered Care? It means that you are much more than a breast cancer diagnosis. Sharing the essence of who you are will help your healthcare team to provide the patient-centered care you deserve.
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