Multiple Myeloma

Finding Empowerment Through a Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis
Multiple Myeloma
The majority of people diagnosed with multiple myeloma are age 60 or older; Ethan was only 22. Read about Ethan Hawes’ journey with multiple myeloma, which started with debilitating hip pain when he returned home from studying abroad.
Becoming a Patient Advocate After a Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis
Cancer ResearchMultiple MyelomaPatient Advocacy
Jack Aiello, multiple myeloma survivor, looks at the importance of patient advocacy and breaks down the different areas of advocacy.
My Journey with Multiple Myeloma and the New Opportunities Through the MMJP Program
Multiple Myeloma
Dentist John Killip presents his journey with multiple myeloma, which included using his professional skills to give himself a stem-cell injection as part of his transplant, and joining the MMJP program.
Immunotherapy Has Come to Multiple Myeloma
ImmunotherapyMultiple Myeloma
“We are continuing to learn about the ways the immune system interacts with difference types of cancer, including multiple myeloma,” said Dr. Pazdur of the FDA.
Living Life Fully with Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Yelak Biru, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma at age 25, shares his inspiring story, including the top 3 lessons that helped him remain positive.
Finding Positive Spots in My Multiple Myeloma Journey
Multiple Myeloma
Saying a few good words about cancer may seem a daunting task. However, lately it has occurred to me that my journey with cancer has some bright spots. It all began on March 17, 2014. The day you learn you might have cancer is a date you never forget.
Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaSlideshows
March is multiple myeloma month. Check out our slideshow on this cancer type.
Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials Hurts Patients and Drug Development
Clinical TrialsMultiple Myeloma
Despite the great advances in cancer therapies, only a small proportion of patients with cancer participate in clinical trials today. This has a detrimental effect on the development of new cancer drugs.
Meeting of Hearts & Minds: Connecting Patients with Cancer Researchers
Cancer ResearchMultiple Myeloma
It’s quite common for patients with cancer to form strong bonds with their oncologists. But it’s not often that patients form connections with researchers, the very scientists who develop cancer therapies that help patients, especially patients facing cancer.
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