Skin Cancer

Tips and Tools for Skin Self-Checks for Early Detection of Skin Cancer
Skin CancerCancer Screening
Dr. Andrew Weinstein, a dermatologist, stresses the importance of monitoring skin changes regularly, giving advice and information regarding skin cancer, the most common cancer in the USA.
Drugs for Skin Cancer/Merkel-Cell Carcinoma
Skin Cancer
Here are the drugs and financial support services available to patients receiving treatment for Skin Cancer/Merkel-Cell Carcinoma.
Caring for My Husband as He Battles Skin Cancer
CaregiversSkin Cancer
Caring for her husband Bill as he deals with skin cancer, Cathie Balthazor shares the importance of being there to listen to your loved one and care for his or her emotional life.
Is It Breast or Skin Cancer? How a Misdiagnosis Shaped My Cancer Journey
ImmunotherapyPatient StoriesSkin Cancer
Chris Andersen learned the value of trusting one’s instincts and asking for a second opinion after receiving a misdiagnosis of breast cancer that was later diagnosed as metastatic skin cancer and she was told she had 1 to 2 years to live. Thanks to a new treatment for skin cancer, she now has no signs of cancer.
Libtayo Extends Survival in Patients with Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous-Cell Carcinoma
Skin Cancer
New results presented at the 2020 ASCO annual meeting show that patients with advanced or metastatic (spreading) cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma (CSCC) who received the PD-1 inhibitor Libtayo (cemiplimab) lived much longer than patients who did not receive this PD-1 inhibitor.
Libtayo Reduces Pain, Improves Quality of Life  in Patients with Advanced Cutaneous  Squamous-Cell Carcinoma
ImmunotherapySkin Cancer
This article reviews the promising findings presented at the 2020 ASCO meeting showing that treatment with the immunotherapy Libtayo may reduce pain and improve survival without disease progression in patients with advanced cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma, or skin cancer.
Immunotherapy with Libtayo Prolongs Survival in Patients with Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous-Cell Carcinoma
ImmunotherapySkin Cancer
Cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma (CSCC), or skin cancer, is the second most common cancer in the United States. This article examines the results of a recent study on the first and only immunotherapy approved for patients with advanced or metastatic CSCC.
July Is UVC Safety Awareness Month
Skin CancerSlideshows
View this slideshow to learn how to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation.
The Gift of Life After Skin Cancer: From Surgeon to Being a Patient
Clinical TrialsPatient StoriesSkin Cancer
After a lifetime of treating patients, Dr. David Crouch understood his own illness left little room for optimism as skin cancer returned again and again. As a last resort, he joined a clinical trial of a new immunotherapy that provided him a new lease on life. Today, after 2 years in remission, his mission is to educate people about this cancer and this immunotherapy.
Advances in the Treatment of a Rare Type of Skin Cancer: Merkel-Cell Carcinoma
ImmunotherapySkin Cancer
Immunotherapy brings new hope for patients with Merkel-cell carcinoma, a rare type of skin cancer with few treatment options.
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