Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer: Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies
PreventionSkin Cancer
Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Now that summer is here, understand the risk factors and apply prevention measures to avoid skin cancer.
Pursuing My Sister’s Dream
Cancer ResearchFamily MembersMelanomaSkin Cancer
Diagnosed with melanoma a few weeks after her wedding, Meredith died of the disease 4 months later, at age 35. Her family created Meredith’s Mission for Melanoma, a non-profit organization, to support melanoma research and increase awareness of this deadly cancer.
Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Skin CancerSlideshowsWeb Exclusives
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! View this slideshow to learn the latest statistics in the United States, leading causes and preventive measures, and quick facts on melanoma, one of the most common types of skin cancer. Conquer cancer with knowledge.
Drugs for Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer
Here are the financial support services available to patients receiving treatment for Skin Cancer.
What You Need to Know About Melanoma
MelanomaSkin Cancer
Melanoma is among the 3 most common types of skin cancers; 1 in 50 Americans will have melanoma in their lifetime. Brush up on the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options.
Melanoma: Not Just Skin Cancer
MelanomaSkin Cancer
Close to 10,000 deaths were caused by melanoma in 2014, with twice as many deaths in men than in women.
Sun Protection Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer
PreventionSkin Cancer
Keep yourself protected from the sun at all times, even on cloudy days.

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