Holidays & Cancer

After a Year of Adversity, Gratitude Is Healing
COVID-19 & CancerHolidays & Cancer
2020 was a hard year for everyone, including patients with cancer who faced new challenges in these unprecedented times. As we reflect on this difficult year, it’s important to practice gratitude actively.
How Technology Lets Patients with Cancer Join the Fun During the Holidays
COVID-19 & CancerHolidays & Cancer
As we prepare for a socially distant holiday season, patients with cancer and their families can safely celebrate by participating in live video chats, phone calls, interactive games, and more.
Honoring Mothers with Cancer on Mother's Day
Family MembersHolidays & Cancer
If you're wondering how to honor a mother who has terminal cancer this Mother’s Day, we offer some suggestions for showing your love without bringing down the mood of the occasion.
Tips for Patients with Cancer to Keep the Holiday Cheer
Holidays & Cancer
Find ways to keep your holiday traditions going and your mood upbeat.

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