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Giving Her Back Her Sense of Taste, Getting Inspiration for a Cookbook in Return
Breast CancerWeb Exclusives
During the time Chef Ryan Callahan served as his mom’s caregiver, he helped her appreciate the taste of food again, and, in the process, learned that he had the makings of a cookbook that addressed an often overlooked side effect.
My Journey with Male Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Male breast cancer survivor Ambrose Kirkland's story, a 2015 Hero of Hope nominee.
The New Treatment Paradigm for Early-Stage Breast Cancer
Breast CancerWeb Exclusives
As an oncologist, Dennis Citrin, MB, PhD, strongly encourages all women to understand their risks for breast cancer and familiarize themselves with their family medical history.
It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is actually international. When I look back at the evolution of the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, I can see the achievements that have been made to date, but I also know that we have a long way to go.
Postcards from Camp Chemo
Breast CancerChemotherapyPatient Stories
Camille Scheel chronicled her journey with breast cancer in a blog, and then turned her blog into a book.
Taking a Bite Out of Breast Cancer: Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Prevention & Survivorship
Breast CancerNutrition & Cancer
Starting with a modest weight-loss goal can still provide health benefits, and will help keep you from getting discouraged.
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for the 291,840 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States this year, and the 2.8 million women living with a history of breast cancer, that awareness lasts all year.
Fear of Recurrence
Breast CancerSurvivorship
Breast cancer survivor Ginger Modiri discusses how she’s dealt with fear of recurrence.
Cancer Gift Cards
Breast CancerPatient Stories
Woke up excited. It was my first day of chemotherapy. Yes, excited. I realize now it was the wrong emotion, but the sense of what I would gain in this new adventure enthralled me. I imagined the people I would meet: these amazing people battling for their life and inspiring mine. I, too, would be strong.
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