Lung Cancer

A Tale of Two Lives
Lung CancerPatient Stories
In a surprising twist of fate, getting lung cancer has led Anne Marie Cerato to have everything she had dreamed of: a devoted husband, a house, a car, fur-babies, and remarkable friends whom she met during her cancer journey.
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Offer New Hope for Patients with Lung Cancer
ImmunotherapyLung Cancer
Several immune checkpoint inhibitors are now approved for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer, giving hope to patients living with this disease.
This Is What Lung Cancer Looks Like
Lung CancerPatient Stories
Hildy Grossman describes her struggle with the stigma linked to a lung cancer diagnosis and her work, through Upstage Lung Cancer and music, to educate the public about lung cancer.
Targeted Therapies: Finding the Key to Managing Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
Targeted therapies for lung cancer are newer therapies designed to target specific types of genetic mutations found in some patients, and improve the response to treatment.
Minimally Invasive Surgery May Offer Benefits for Patients with Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
“Almost anyone who is a candidate for lung surgery is generally a candidate for minimally invasive surgery,” says Richard Chang, MD, FACS. Newer types of surgery are becoming available for patients with lung cancer that has not spread to other organs.
Lung Cancer at Age 28:  Life Lessons on Fast Forward
Lung CancerPatient Stories
At age 28, Thomas Iorio went into the hospital with a possible ear infection, after noticing swollen lymph nodes, and came out with a probable cancer diagnosis.
Drugs for Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
Here are the financial support services available to patients receiving treatment for Lung Cancer.
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