Multiple Myeloma

A Message to Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma
Yelak Biru notes that there are many resources and support groups that can help patients with multiple myeloma and provides some words of encouragement.
What Do You Wish You Had Known Upon Diagnosis?
Multiple Myeloma
Yelak Biru discusses his experience in gathering information when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1995 versus the information landscape today, and addresses what he wishes he had known at the time.
Patient Misconceptions About Clinical Trials
Clinical TrialsMultiple Myeloma
Yelak Biru identifies some pervasive misconceptions and common barriers that exist regarding clinical trials.
Navigating the Complexities of Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaNavigators
Patients with multiple myeloma face many unique challenges and can significantly benefit from enlisting the help of a navigator.
Making Sure Your Treatment Team Stays Connected
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Patient Advocates Jack Aiello and Nancy Kaufmann stress the importance of communication and share tips to stay in sync with the treatment team.
CONQUER Cam: A Spotlight on Yelak Biru
CONQUER CamMultiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Yelak Biru recalls being initially diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma at age 25, and his subsequent relapse. Working with oncology teams, educating himself through support groups, and getting involved in associations as a speaker, Yelak has integrated myeloma into his life by becoming a patient advocate.
Taking an Active Role in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Decisions
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
The Institute of Medicine suggested that quality of cancer care improves when people who have been diagnosed with cancer share decisions related to their treatment.
So Your Doc Is Suggesting a Transplant?
Multiple Myeloma
Jack Aiello, 23-year multiple myeloma survivor who had 3 transplants, describes what to expect from a transplant, telling patients to get second opinions before deciding to have a transplant.
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