Multiple Myeloma

CONQUER Cam: A Spotlight on Yelak Biru
CONQUER CamMultiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Yelak Biru recalls being initially diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma at age 25, and his subsequent relapse. Working with oncology teams, educating himself through support groups, and getting involved in associations as a speaker, Yelak has integrated myeloma into his life by becoming a patient advocate.
So Your Doc Is Suggesting a Transplant?
Multiple Myeloma
Jack Aiello, 23-year multiple myeloma survivor who had 3 transplants, describes what to expect from a transplant, telling patients to get second opinions before deciding to have a transplant.
Taking an Active Role in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Decisions
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
The Institute of Medicine suggested that quality of cancer care improves when people who have been diagnosed with cancer share decisions related to their treatment.
Financial Support Services for Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Financial SupportMultiple MyelomaSupport Services
The following financial support services are available for patients with multiple myeloma. For more information, see the full 2018 Patient Guide to Cancer Support Services.
Choosing an Oncologist to Lead Your Treatment Team: Who Treats Multiple Myeloma?
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Take a look at the various medical professionals who assist in the treatment of multiple myeloma, from hematologists to specialists. Finding the right provider is a crucial step in the treatment process.
Drugs for Multiple Myeloma
Multiple Myeloma
Here are the financial support services available to patients receiving treatment for Multiple Myeloma.
Weathering the Storm of Multiple Myeloma with Help from Family, Friends, and Professional Stormtroopers
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Roger and Cherie Paige, both psychologists, became caught in a storm of fighting against cancer, with the assistance of family, friends, and numerous professional “stormtroopers.”
I’ve Been Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma—Now What?
CONQUERing Myeloma™Multiple Myeloma
Here is an overview of vital things to consider after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, from selecting your treatment team to understanding your insurance plan and costs.
Finding Empowerment Through a Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis
Multiple Myeloma
The majority of people diagnosed with multiple myeloma are age 60 or older; Ethan was only 22. Read about Ethan Hawes’ journey with multiple myeloma, which started with debilitating hip pain when he returned home from studying abroad.
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