Financial Support

Financial Support and Resources for Patients with Cancer and Their Families
Financial SupportFrom Your Navigator
Lillie Shockney addresses the prevalent issue of financial toxicity and identifies a number of resources and services that can help patients and families manage the cost of cancer care.
A Practical Tool for Patients: The 2nd Annual Patient Guide to Cancer Support Services
Financial SupportIssue Introductions
This Second Annual Guide is provided to you by CONQUER magazine, to help you and your providers, especially your nurse navigator, become more aware of the many financial support services that may be able to help you to receive the best treatment you need and relieve you of the associated financial worries.
The Patient Access Network Foundation: Support Services for Patients with Cancer Interview with Daniel J. Klein
Financial SupportSupport Services
In this interview, Daniel Klein, President and CEO of Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation, discusses the financial support services the PAN Foundation provides to patients and providers dealing with cancer.
The Patient Advocate Foundation: Helping Patients to Access Effective Care
Financial SupportPatient AdvocacySupport Services
Alan Balch, PhD, CEO of the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), a nonprofit organization, discusses the support services PAF offers to patients with cancer in this interview.
Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations by Cancer Type
Financial Support
This directory lists the Government Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations available to patients with cancer, organized by specific cancer type.
Financial Support Programs Directory
Financial Support
The following Government Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations provide financial assistance for patients with cancer.
Free/Low-Cost Travel Expenses During Cancer Treatment
Financial Support
A look at valuable resources that can help patients and their loved ones alleviate the financial burden of paying for lodging while undergoing treatment.
The Emilio Nares Foundation: Helping Children and Their Families Cope with Cancer
Family MembersFinancial SupportPediatric CancerSupport Services
The Emilio Nares Foundation, located in San Diego, CA, helps children and their families navigate through a cancer diagnosis with valuable services, from a cost-saving transportation program to modified shirts with easy access to chemotherapy ports.
Managing the Cost of Cancer Treatment: The Value of Biosimilars
Financial Support
Drug development is an expensive and laborious process for drug companies, and involves conducting years of research in the lab, followed by years of clinical trials with patients, before a drug gets through the FDA review and approval (or rejection), and then onto the market.
Nonprofit Organizations Help Patients Access Cancer Treatment
Financial Support
Many patients with cancer face a serious financial burden, and some are missing treatment or skipping treatment altogether because of the cost.
Talking with a Financial Navigator Can Lower the Cost of Your Cancer Treatment
Financial Support
Financial navigators are in the best position to help patients maximize their financial assistance.
Paying for Your Cancer Care
Financial Support
Cancer treatment is getting even more expensive than before, and paying for it is yet another serious issue that many patients with cancer face. Even for patients who have private insurance through their employer or through an individual plan, many patients today are expected to pay an increasing share of their care from their own pocket.
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