Quick Quiz: National Cancer Survivors Month

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June is national cancer survivorship month, which is intended to raise awareness to the challenges survivors face and to celebrate their life. Developments in drug therapies and the introduction of novel treatments and diagnostic testing have extended survival for many people diagnosed with cancer and improved survivors’ quality of life. How much do you know about cancer survivorship?

June is designated to recognize the lives of the approximately 17 million cancer survivors in the United States.1 Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer have helped to increase the number of survivors. Researchers estimate that about 33% more people will live more than 5 years after a cancer diagnosis in the next decade.2 However, cancer survivors often feel uncertain about their future and have fears that their cancer will return. Given the growing number of cancer survivors in the United States, awareness of the unique needs of these individuals can help to improve their quality of life and clinical outcomes.

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