June 2015 Vol 1 No 3

Navigating the Continuum of Cancer Care
From Your Navigator
Here is a look at the role of the navigator by oncology nurse navigator Cheryl Bellomo.
Fear of Recurrence
Breast CancerSurvivorship
Breast cancer survivor Ginger Modiri discusses how she’s dealt with fear of recurrence.
My Journey with LGL Leukemia
LeukemiaPatient Stories
Tina Cancio, founder of the LGL Leukemia Foundation, recalls her battle with LGL Leukemia.
Taking Care of the Caregiver
The caregiver often loses charge of his or her life, while the patient’s illness seems to take center stage. Caregivers need to remember to be good to themselves and take credit for their hard work.
It's Our Cancer
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Brenda and her son, Steve, share their respective stories as Brenda deals with a multiple myeloma diagnosis.
What You Need to Know About Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Nurse navigator Cheryl Bellomo offers vital information on kidney cancer including genetic factors, symptoms, and treatment options.
5 Tips for Cancer Survivors to Manage Stress
Stress ManagementSurvivorship
Susan Yaguda, RN, MSN, gives 5 insightful tips on the management of stress and anxiety, crucial to survivorship and healthy living.
Dealing with Neuropathy Associated with Chemotherapy
Cancer RehabilitationChemotherapySide-Effects Management
Dr. McMichael, assistant professor at Ohio State University, gives a summary of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), and offers tips for managing it.
A Husband's Letter
Family MembersPatient StoriesSurvivorship
A touching letter from Paul Smyth, to nurse navigator Marian Gilmore, RN, OCN, who cared for his wife.
Genetic Risk Factors for Multiple Myeloma
Genetics & CancerMultiple Myeloma
The risks for multiple myeloma, a rare and aggressive blood cancer, have long been linked to increasing age (older than 65), male sex, and African-American race. However, researchers are now looking into genetic risk factors to better understand and treat the disease.
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