October 2015 Vol 1 No 5

New Treatment Options for Patients with Multiple Myeloma on the Rise
Multiple Myeloma
In September 2015, the biannual International Myeloma Workshop was held in Rome, Italy, to provide physicians and nurses up-to-date information on new therapies for patients with multiple myeloma.
Oral Chemo Challenges of and Tools for Adherence
ChemotherapyFrom Your Navigator
The use of oral chemotherapy drugs is expected to more than double in the next several years. Oral drugs offer many advantages to patients, including greater convenience, flexibility, and less disruption of daily activities for patients, their families, and caregivers.
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for the 291,840 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States this year, and the 2.8 million women living with a history of breast cancer, that awareness lasts all year.
Find Safe, Decent Healthcare
The Engaged Patient
Treat your relationship with your healthcare provider as one of the most important connections in your life, because for a long period of time, it will be.
6 Dos and Don'ts for Managing Caregiver Stress
CaregiversStress Management
Although caregivers’ priorities often shift toward their loved ones’ health, it’s vitally important for them to take care of themselves, physically and mentally.
Having Ovarian Cancer Is Like Performing in a Circus
Gynecologic CancersOvarian CancerArt Therapy
Despite having no history of cancer in my family, I received this diagnosis and prognosis. I was thrown completely off balance!
The Language of CANCER: Do Our Word Choices Give Cancer More Power Than It Deserves?
Faith Frankel dissects the power of words in the cancer realm, noting the importance of empowering oneself through choice of language.
Gynecologic Cancer Surgery, Sex, and Intimacy
Gynecologic CancersOvarian CancerSexuality & Cancer
Cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can lead to changes in your sexual anatomy, functioning, and your feelings about your sexuality.
A Rehabilitation Expert and Cancer Survivor Offers Healing Inspiration
Book Reviews
In her book, Before and After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger, Dr. Julie K. Silver reviews the best evidence for cancer survivors and cites medical experts, making science simple and easy to follow.
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