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"Me On Chemotherapy"

“Me On Chemo” is a self-portrait by Nancy Webster using acrylic paint.
April 2016 Vol 2 No 2
Nancy Webster
Mission Viejo, CA

“Me On Chemo” is a self-portrait (with acrylic paints) representing the time I was undergoing chemotherapy for invasive lobular breast cancer. My painting captures the fear, horror, and violence of the process of treatment for cancer. The image shows the strength needed to endure the drugs, and the defiance I felt while beating back the cancer. I had peace while painting this portrait, which is depicted in the strong colors. I was letting go, and taking back control of my life. I was grateful to the leaders of “Art for the Soul,” in Springfield, MA, who allowed me self-expression, as well as to my medical team, who were helping me heal.

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