Follicular Lymphoma

Understanding Follicular Lymphoma: An Uncommon Type of Blood Cancer
Follicular Lymphoma
This article offers a summary of follicular lymphoma, a type of slow-growing non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and discusses the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options for this disease.
What to Consider When You Are Diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma
Follicular Lymphoma
Dr. Stevens, of the Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville, KY, provides an in-depth overview of what to expect with a Follicular Lymphoma diagnosis.
New Treatment Options for Patients with Follicular Lymphoma
Follicular Lymphoma
Several new treatment options were approved by the FDA for patients with follicular lymphoma.
How Life Came Together After It Fell Apart with a Cancer Diagnosis
Follicular LymphomaPatient Stories
For Erika Brooks, it took some time to adjust to what it means to have an incurable cancer. She says, “at first, I kept thinking it was a death sentence.” Eventually, she came to see her cancer in a different light.
Enduring Spirit
Follicular LymphomaPatient Stories
With a demanding career and 3 small children, Pam Neff had to make some difficult decisions during her treatment for an aggressive blood cancer.
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