The Engaged Patient

Navigating the “Cancer Forest”: An Empowered Patient Perspective
SurvivorshipThe Engaged Patient
Cancer survivor Kristen Yukness uses her personal experience to chart a roadmap to navigate the complex world of cancer treatment and self-advocacy.
Identifying Valuable Resources
The Engaged Patient
Dr Morganna Freeman stresses the importance of finding trusted sources of information for patients with cancer.
Advocating for Yourself During and After Treatment
The Engaged Patient
Mandi Pratt-Chapman provides a patient card you could print and fill with personal concerns and preferences to share with your care team, to make sure you receive the treatment you want and need.
Join Us in Celebrating Transgender Cancer Survivors
The Engaged PatientLGBTQ & Cancer
This article is dedicated to transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals who experience cancer, in honor of the International Day of Transgender Visibility. Each year, on March 31, we celebrate the lives of TGNC individuals.
Cancer Survivorship and the Holidays
Online OnlySurvivorshipThe Engaged Patient
Allison Harvey, MPH, CHES, and Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA, provide some insightful strategies to help you be present and kind to yourself during this holiday season.
Navigating Work After Your Cancer Diagnosis
The Engaged PatientWork & Cancer
Fighting cancer is a full-time job in itself, so what about your other job? Here are some pointers to help you juggle the workplace and cancer.
Recognizing and Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Cancer Survivors
The Engaged PatientLGBTQ & Cancer
LGBTQ cancer survivors face unique challenges in receiving proper healthcare. This article spotlights these challenges and offers valuable resources available to LGBTQ cancer survivors.
Working With Your Healthcare Team After Cancer Treatment
The Engaged Patient
Many people who have finished their cancer treatment often talk about how they did not feel prepared for the posttreatment phase of survivorship.
What Does ACA Repeal Mean for Patients with Cancer?
The Engaged Patient
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides important protections for patients with cancer and cancer survivors. Obama’s signature health reform legislation ensured that people with preexisting conditions, such as cancer, could not be denied health insurance coverage or be charged more than healthy people for their insurance.
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