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Online Program for Cancer-Related Sexual and Fertility Problems
Sexuality and CancerSupport Services
Sexual problems are often among the top unmet needs for cancer survivors. Leslie R. Schover, PhD, examines this neglected area of cancer care and introduces an online program,, dedicated to cancer-related problems with sexuality or fertility.
Financial Support Services for Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Financial SupportMultiple MyelomaSupport Services
The following financial support services are available for patients with multiple myeloma. For more information, see the full 2018 Patient Guide to Cancer Support Services.
The Patient Access Network Foundation: Support Services for Patients with Cancer Interview with Daniel J. Klein
Financial SupportSupport Services
In this interview, Daniel Klein, President and CEO of Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation, discusses the financial support services the PAN Foundation provides to patients and providers dealing with cancer.
The Patient Advocate Foundation: Helping Patients to Access Effective Care
Financial SupportPatient AdvocacySupport Services
Alan Balch, PhD, CEO of the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF), a nonprofit organization, discusses the support services PAF offers to patients with cancer in this interview.
Mary’s Place by the Sea: Where the Healing Begins
Support Services
"We believe Mary's Place by the Sea is a prototype for what holistic, nonclinical cancer care should look like, nationwide," says Michele Gannon, President and Co-Founder, Mary's Place by the Sea.
The Emilio Nares Foundation: Helping Children and Their Families Cope with Cancer
Family MembersFinancial SupportPediatric CancerSupport Services
The Emilio Nares Foundation, located in San Diego, CA, helps children and their families navigate through a cancer diagnosis with valuable services, from a cost-saving transportation program to modified shirts with easy access to chemotherapy ports.
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Patient Support Services: Helping Patients Manage Their Cancer Care
Support Services
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) provides support services for many patients with cancer, including education related to a variety of blood cancers, as well as financial support for patients with certain blood cancers to help them pay for their medications and other treatment-related expenses. CONQUER: the patient voice magazine asked Beatrice Abetti, LCSW, Director, Information Resource Center, LLS, to describe some of the patient support services provided by LLS, focusing on their financial assistance programs.
CancerCare Patient Support Services:  Addressing Financial Distress in  Patients with Cancer Interview with Jane Levy, LCSW-R  Director of Patient Assistance Programs, CancerCare
Support Services
CancerCare has been serving patients with cancer for more than 70 years. In this interview, Ms Levy discusses the patient support services provided by CancerCare, focusing on their financial assistance programs.
Activate Your Support Network Online
CaregiversSupport Services
A cancer diagnosis can overwhelm entire families in addition to the physical and emotional toll it takes on patients. Many questions are raised that often go unanswered, at least initially.

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