August 2019 Vol 5 No 4

Being Your Own Advocate: A Mother’s Journey with ALK-Positive Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
Laura Greco, a mother of 4, was shocked when a CT scan done after a car accident revealed that she had stage III non–small-cell lung cancer with ALK mutation. Now she works as a patient advocate to fight the stigma linked to lung cancer, which often results in late diagnosis and worse outcomes.
My Teachable Moments as a Cancer Survivor
Patient Advocacy
Kathy Gram faced colorectal cancer with a positive attitude, good humor, and support from family and close friends. When her disease was in remission, she shared her hard-won wisdom with others as a Patient Advocate. She reflected on the lessons she had learned as a 12-year cancer survivor.
Disparities in Cancer Care: New Evidence Confirms Access to Health Insurance Improves Survival
Racial Disparities
A new study makes clear that limited access to health insurance or insufficient insurance coverage accounts for much of the disparity in outcomes seen between black and white patients with cancer in the United States.
My Plans for the Future—Dying Isn’t Part of It
Multiple Myeloma
Michael Pascoe and his wife were about to embark on a fresh start in 2014 when he learned he had multiple myeloma—an incurable blood cancer. Soon, the stress and overwhelming medical bills mounted. As the couple struggled to remain positive, they then learned that his wife had cancer, too.
Knit One, Purl One: Knitting as a Healing Art
Art Therapy
Knitting Circles and Crochet Groups are growing in popularity among patients with cancer and survivors as they discover that these fiber arts can improve their health and well-being.
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