Art Therapy

Cancer Changed My Perspective

Since her diagnosis and treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, Anne Weathersby has turned her photographer’s eye to elements in nature as a way to heal.
December 2019 Vol 5 No 6
Anne D Weathersby
Chevy Chase, Maryland
A wading white Ibis

How do you catch orchard orioles dancing in mid-air? You wait for it. A few months before my triple-negative breast cancer diagnosis, I retired from my “day job” to pursue a second career in photography, taking on assignments in corporate and social events, sports, and real estate.

Since my diagnosis and treatment (consisting of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation), I have continued to take on those assignments, but now I increasingly use my photographer’s eye for subjects in nature, waiting for the right moment to capture birds and animals with my camera. This means waking up early, traveling far, and finding new adventures, which has brought me considerable peace and has helped me heal.

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Last modified: January 28, 2020

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