CAN-C-ER (Can-You-See-Her)

A thoughtful poem by Di Stuppy, who was diagnosed with stage II ductal carcinoma at age 45.
October 2021 Vol 7 No 5
Di Stuppy
Seaside, Oregon

The unknown’s fool I have become, guided by fear, I remain numb.
Confusion sets in, a mind to be healed, my body opens, its scars yet revealed.
The dripping of chemicals like a slow leak, taking the strong and making them weak.
Visible, yet invisible, do I dare, changing, yet not changing, only the hair?
A look in the mirror and one only sees, the pale reflection of a face with disease.
Rest and routine take over the days, doctors and nurses join in on the praise.
The path of time’s journey becomes long and winding, like a storybook tale, its ending yet finding.
Family and friends hide tears and self-doubt, sharing kindness and faith the years throughout.
Voices of choices presented with promise, so many decisions, a need for true solace.
A temptation to blame, a need for forgiving, the darkness of night brings prayers of thanksgiving.
As time passes the scars smooth their edges, the body recovering, its healing it pledges.
The feel of the fire, the start of its cooling, a rise from the ashes, a time of renewing.
A life interrupted, a spirit in turmoil, the grip of death’s calling begins to uncoil.
Hope springs eternal with each passing day, a constant reminder of a life underway.
A heart beats back into its own rhythm, striving to heal in its vast system.
A new normal arrives fast on the scene, teaching new lessons, attempting to wean.
The word so unseen, the word so avoided, now Can -You- C- ER, a life so appointed.

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Last modified: April 20, 2022

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