February 2022 Vol 8 No 1

Managing the Cost of a Cancer Diagnosis
Financial Support
When is money not on our minds? Dr. Kerry Forrestal offers financial advice for patients with cancer to get ahead of the curve, so those cost concerns don’t become insurmountable problems.
Judging the Book, Not the Cover
Family MembersPancreatic Cancer
Shanea Irierose Drown shares her personal story of overcoming expectations, rising to the challenge, and seeing people for who they really are, not what their dubious reputations may lead us to believe.
Undocumented Handyman Gets New Lease on Life After Brain Tumor Scare
From Your NavigatorBrain Cancer
Undocumented immigrants often wait too long to seek medical care. Oncology nurse Mark Ryan shares an unlikely story of an undocumented immigrant who received free care from a Harvard-educated neurosurgeon with a similar background.
End of Life and Hospice Care: Being a Bedside Advocate, Part 3
Patient AdvocacyHospice Care
In this third article on bedside advocacy, Kimberley Norris illuminates key processes and aspects of end of life and hospice care that will be valuable for any advocate.
Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD Associated with a Cancer Diagnosis
Depression & CancerMental Health
Less than half of patients with cancer who have mental disorders or emotional distress are referred for appropriate care. This article tackles head-on how to deal with these issues as a patient.
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