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The Face of the Newly Diagnosed Patient with Cancer

Mehrshad Fekri’s family has a history of breast cancer, and he is involved in cancer research himself. His 2 paintings, featured here, are meant to show the initial shock and stress of being diagnosed with cancer.
June 2022 Vol 8 No 3
Mehrshad Fekri
Tehran, Iran
The Face of a Newly Diagnosed Patient with Cancer.

As a result of my family history of breast cancer, I have been interested in studying breast cancer and educating people about it. I’m currently involved in cancer research, and I also like to paint. My paintings reflect my academic focus on cancer, with a particular interest in breast cancer.

A patient who was newly diagnosed with cancer was the inspiration for this watercolor painting of a newly diagnosed patient. This painting represents the initial reaction of any patient, regardless of age or gender, who is faced with a new diagnosis of cancer. It is meant to show the initial shock and stress of being diagnosed with cancer. I hope that my artwork will help to promote peace and friendship among people to form an emotional connection between patients with cancer and other people, to increase the understanding and support given patients during their cancer journey.

The “Cancer Survivor in Red” was inspired by a breast cancer survivor who was single and had no children. She was very sad after her mastectomy, thinking that no man would want to be in a romantic relationship with a woman without breasts. I tried to change her idea and help her regain her strength.

Cancer Survivor in Red.

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