PoetryCancer Screening

I Got Screened

Vianela Ramery’s poem celebrates her 12-year experience as a patient navigator helping to coordinate cancer screenings for patients and acting as their support system.
August 2022 Vol 8 No 4
Vianela Ramery, AAS, C-CHW
Patient Navigator, Center for Cancer Health Equity
OSUCCC James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
Columbus, Ohio

This poem celebrates my 12-year experience as a patient navigator in the community and 2 years at a cancer center. Patient navigators direct patients to different resources and provide healthcare information. We coordinate screenings for patients and appointments with providers to ensure timely delivery of tests and treatments, and function as a support system throughout the patient’s journey.

I got screened, because I want to empower other women in the world to do the same thing,

I got screened for all my patients, family members, and friends who, I know, will follow my lead,

I got screened, because I wanted to see if it’s as painful as others make it seem, which I’m happy to say was one of the most effortless things I have done, as well as painless,

I got screened, because I hold the strength to take control of my health with every decision I make regarding my being,

I got screened, because I deserve to know if there is anything that is harming me,

I got screened, because I must know the status of my health to maintain my well-being,

I got screened, because I want all the women in this universe to know that I care about their health, and we can beat anything that comes our way, because we are fighters from the moment our mom gave birth to us to live in this beautiful universe,

I got screened, because this world needs to be cancer-free, and early detection indeed has been known to save lives,

I got screened, because minorities are known to have the highest cancer mortality rate on this earth,

Despite my fear of not wanting to know my health status, I got screened, because this world does not know what a strong human being I can be,

I got screened, because at age 35, I have learned that it is vital for me to take care of myself to have the privilege to keep helping others navigate the healthcare field.

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Last modified: September 27, 2022

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