November 2019 Volume 6 – Lung Cancer

What Do I Need to Know? A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed Person with Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
The treatment landscape of lung cancer has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. New immunotherapies have significantly improved survival. Learn about your diagnosis and the current treatment options.
Confidently Taking a Seat at the Table: Participating in Treatment Shared Decision-Making
The Empowered Patient
Oncology nurse navigator Pixley provides tips on how to take part in your treatment decision. Doctors today are expected to discuss the risks and benefits of each therapy with patients and consider the patient’s preferences.
Nourish to Flourish: Nutrition During a Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Lung CancerNutrition & Cancer
It can be confusing and overwhelming to determine what to eat and what not to eat with a cancer diagnosis. Because of the amount of information available on nutrition and cancer from books, online, or even family and friends, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.
The Role of Diet in Managing Treatment-Related Side Effects for Patients with Lung Cancer
Lung CancerNutrition & Cancer
A dietitian offers tips to help patients with lung cancer make better dietary choices during their cancer treatment and beyond.
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