Patient Stories

Accepting the
Brain CancerPatient Stories
Rowan McNelly ushers in a new reality with her cancer diagnosis as she deals with recovery.
When Cancer Runs in Your Family
Gynecologic CancersOvarian CancerPatient Stories
A look at how Roberta Aberle deals with the fact that cancer runs in her family.
My Wife Has Cancer...What Happens Now?
Family MembersPatient Stories
Jack felt obsessive about his role—the need to be by his wife's side around the clock, taking her to every appointment, and refusing the help that their friends and family members offered.
Bottoms Up
Patient StoriesColorectal Cancer
"When an associate says something I don’t especially like, I turn the other cheek. When I’m out walking with my grandchildren, I always bring up the rear," says Corinne Tucker in her playful, pun-filled take on rectal cancer.
Opportunities for Improving the Care of Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
This article summarizes the views of the patients regarding their experiences with current treatments and other issues related to cancer care.
Patient Perspective: Critical Factors in Improving Patients’ Adherence to Oral Medications
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Now more than ever, patients with multiple myeloma have unprecedented numbers of treatment options to choose from for their deadly plasma-cell neoplastic diseases.
Pregnant with Cancer
Lung CancerMelanomaPatient Stories
Christina Burnie has had 3 cancer diagnoses: once as an adolescent, once as a newlywed, and once as an expectant mother.
College and Cancer: When Big Life Events Collide
Patient StoriesSurvivorship
Samantha Watson was diagnosed with cancer while she was a student at Brandeis University, in Boston.
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