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Leah’s Story: How One Girl with Melanoma Created a Platform
MelanomaPatient StoriesPediatric Cancer
Leah Valles, age 12, is an inspiration every day. After her hard battle with stage III melanoma, she decided that people just don’t know that skin cancer is deadly, that it can be prevented, and that it is the fastest growing cancer among teens and young adults.
Timing and Message Are Key When Talking to Children About Cancer
Family MembersPatient Stories
Here are some key points to consider when talking to kids about cancer, a delicate subject requiring careful communication.
A Million Questions: Get Help Answering Them
Head & Neck CancerPatient Stories
Lee Tomlinson shares his journey being diagnosed with cancer. His experience showed him the value of having a nurse navigator and the importance of psychosocial care.
Empower Yourself With Information
Breast CancerPatient StoriesSurvivorship
Lillie Shockney shares her experience being diagnosed with breast cancer. She explains the process by which she empowered herself with information to be her own advocate throughout treatment.
My Journey with LGL Leukemia
LeukemiaPatient Stories
Tina Cancio, founder of the LGL Leukemia Foundation, recalls her battle with LGL Leukemia.
It's Our Cancer
Multiple MyelomaPatient Stories
Brenda and her son, Steve, share their respective stories as Brenda deals with a multiple myeloma diagnosis.
A Husband's Letter
Family MembersPatient StoriesSurvivorship
A touching letter from Paul Smyth, to nurse navigator Marian Gilmore, RN, OCN, who cared for his wife.
Holding Hands Through the Cancer Journey
NavigatorsPatient Stories
Nurse navigator Marian Gilmore, RN, OCN, shares her moving story of fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse.
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