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Nancy Litterman Howe, MS, CES, Project Coordinator, Research, Arizona State University, College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation, Phoenix
The Ulman Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on providing support and education to young adults diagnosed with cancer. Many young patients don’t realize the ways in which cancer treatment could ...
With her family history of cancers related to the BRCA mutation, Jamie Ledezma’s first pregnancy suddenly got very complicated when she learned she had triple-negative breast cancer.
One of the many things that you probably did after receiving a diagnosis of multiple myeloma was to select a doctor and care team. They helped you to learn about multiple myeloma and how to navigate the ...
Myelodysplastic syndromes are a group of cancers that affect immature blood cells in the bone marrow. Two oncology navigators explain the risk factors and current treatment options available for patients ...
The immune system attacks foreign substances by making large numbers of antibodies. These are proteins that attach to a specific protein on the cell called an antigen.
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