The Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong for Patients with Cancer
Exercise & CancerSurvivorship
Did you know that there are ways of gently exercising that can be especially beneficial for patients with cancer and cancer survivors?
College and Cancer: When Big Life Events Collide
Patient StoriesSurvivorshipWeb Exclusives
Samantha Watson was diagnosed with cancer while she was a student at Brandeis University, in Boston.
Healing Through the Arts
Stress ManagementSurvivorship
You don’t need to be an artist to experience the healing power of the arts. Many cancer survivors and caregivers use art as an outlet to help them work through the challenges of cancer treatment.
The Language of CANCER: Do Our Word Choices Give Cancer More Power Than It Deserves?
Faith Frankel dissects the power of words in the cancer realm, noting the importance of empowering oneself through choice of language.
My New Perspective After Losing a Leg to Cancer
Pediatric CancerSarcomaSurvivorship
Overcoming body image issues and fitting in can be difficult for any teenager, but for Josh Morkert, the challenge became even greater after a life-altering surgery because of cancer.
10 Ways to Get Engaged in Your Care
This column is intended to help you take control and stay engaged in your cancer care. By participating in decisions about your care, you will be able to get the greatest benefit from the health services you need.
Mindfulness Meditation: Is It for You?
Stress ManagementSurvivorship
Dr. Paulette Mehta explains the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for coping with the stress and anxiety associated with being a patient with cancer or a survivor.
Fear of Recurrence
Breast CancerSurvivorship
Breast cancer survivor Ginger Modiri discusses how she’s dealt with fear of recurrence.
Taking Care of the Caregiver
The caregiver often loses charge of his or her life, while the patient’s illness seems to take center stage. Caregivers need to remember to be good to themselves and take credit for their hard work.
5 Tips for Cancer Survivors to Manage Stress
Stress ManagementSurvivorship
Susan Yaguda, RN, MSN, gives 5 insightful tips on the management of stress and anxiety, crucial to survivorship and healthy living.
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