Multiple Myeloma

Sharing Markers with Patients

Jack Aiello talks about the importance of providers helping patients understand the value of markers and how that can positively affect the latter's compliance.
Video Library – February 5, 2016
Jack Aiello
Patient Advocate
San Jose, CA
Multiple myeloma survivor

I think it's really important for patients' treatment team to make sure they do stay on track with medications, and the way the treatment team helps ensure this is to share the information with the patient. How is the patient responding to treatment? How did the doctor know the patient is responding to treatment? The doctor is looking at certain markers.

Share those markers with a patient, so that the patients themselves knows what markers to follow and can understand what the doctor means when the doctor says, "Oh, you've achieved a very good response," or,"You've relapsed."

Those have clinical meanings that are important for patients to understand. When they begin to understand their treatment and the progress of their treatment, they tend to do a much better job of also being in charge of their own medications that they are taking, and become much more self‑aware of the importance of staying on those medications.

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Last modified: October 5, 2017

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