Multiple Myeloma

The Patient Perspective: New Multiple Myeloma Drugs

Gary Peterson talks about what the addition of new myeloma medicines means to patients.
Video Library – February 5, 2016
Gary Petersen

There are a number of new options that have come about in the last three weeks as a matter of fact, one of which is daratumumab, and another is elotuzumab. Both of those are something brand new as far as it's a whole new area of treatment that hasn't been developed before.

The other one in the same category is elotuzumab, and then of course there's the oral proteasome inhibitor which is Ninlaro. I think all of these are exciting new drugs. All the doctors that I've talked to, or have seen, are just remarkably overjoyed, like kids in a candy store, with all these new options that they're going to have.

From a patient's perspective, each time there's a new drug, progressions-free survival, and overall survival improve. It's happened with Revlimid, and Velcade. It's happened with Kyprolis, and Pomalidomide, and it's going to happen with these other drugs as well.

From a patient's perspective, there's nothing better than a longer life for a myeloma patient.

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Last modified: September 30, 2017

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