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Recent Articles Offer Positive Approaches for Patients Facing Cancer

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Web Exclusives – December 15, 2022
Thomas A. Galioto
Kennewick, Washington

I wish to thank CONQUER magazine as well as the contributors of 2 articles that were published in the October 2022 issue. I refer to the article by Dawn Coyle, titled “Defined by Cancer, or I Defy My Cancer?” and the article by Heather Barto, titled “How Planning and Organization Helped in My Breast Cancer Journey.”

These articles offer positive approaches that can assist patients (men and women) who are facing a breast cancer diagnosis (and probably other types of cancer). Both authors stressed the importance of organizing your activities, keeping a positive “can do” attitude, and having a strong support group of friends and loved ones in your corner, so you can be successful in your treatment and recovery. Keep up the good fight!

Thomas A. Galioto
Kennewick, Washington

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