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2016 Heroes of Hope, Part 2

Come learn more about 2016 Heroes of Hope and their cancer-related struggles and triumphs.
Web Exclusives – February 8, 2017
  • HOH Book McDevitt 840x722
    As a survivor of colorectal cancer, and someone with Lynch Syndrome who is an awareness advocate for the syndrome, Susan McDevitt is an inspiration to her seven kids and her local community. Susan is now the Executive Director of Lynch Syndrome International (LSI), and is passionate about helping people. “You can always do good for others,” says Susan.
  • HOH Book Bida 840x665
    Elizabeth Ann Bida’s upbeat spirit and faith help her to not dwell on the past—specifically that she was diagnosed several years ago with ovarian cancer—but live forward trying to find something to be happy about each day and to feel like we are never alone. This positivity has resonated with her students and other people she has come across.
  • HOH Book Paschold 840x665
    Medical oncologist Eugene Paschold has served his community taking care of people with various cancers. After his own battle with colon cancer, “Dr. P.” became a champion of colorectal screening, taking his life experience combined with his medical expertise to make people understand the importance of getting tested.
  • HOH Book Walia 840x496
    Going into her treatment for breast cancer, Leah Walia wanted to answer her young daughter’s questions and alleviate her fears. Together they created their “CHEMO” bag, which was filled with comfort items and designed to aid others going through treatment.
  • HOH Book Deneski 800x715
    Henry “Hank” Deneski has made it his mission to raise awareness about oral, head, and neck cancer. He is an 11-year survivor of Stage IV squamous-cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue. After his grueling treatment, he wanted to educate medical and dental professionals about screening, and support other survivors and their caregivers.
  • HOH Book Cassanelli 800x730
    Sandy Cassanelli battled through breast cancer and was believed to be in remission. After she was later diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, Sandy and a friend created the Breast Friends Fund. They committed to raising $100,000 for metastatic breast cancer research at the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute.
  • HOH Book 790v2 740x700
    The following are just a few of the Heroes of Hope stories. Please click here to read our Heroes of Hope book with all of our nominees' stories from this past year included.
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