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Does Caffeine Have Hidden Benefits Against Cancer?

Millions of Americans rely on a morning “cup of Joe” to start their day, but can coffee help fight cancer, too?
Web Exclusives – April 14, 2015
Tracy Wright

A new study from Lund University in Sweden showed that the risk for breast cancer recurrence was 50% less in women who received the drug tamoxifan and drank at least 2 cups of coffee daily than in women who received tamoxifan but didn’t drink coffee. The researchers found that caffeine and caffeic acid prevented the growth and survival of cancer cells, especially when combined with the drug tamoxifan.

Another January 2015 study from the National Cancer Institute found that people who drank 4 cups of caffeinated coffee daily had a 20% lower risk for melanoma than those who didn’t drink coffee.

In February, a study published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention showed that women who drink 4 cups of coffee daily had a reduced risk for endometrial cancer.

Furthermore, an analysis of 34 studies conducted around the world that was published by UK researchers in March revealed that coffee consumption, even just 1 cup daily, reduces the risk for liver cancer.

Although the evidence is promising, it’s too early to say that drinking coffee will protect you from cancer. Researchers still don’t understand how caffeine may prevent cancer growth, and whether other substances in the coffee play a role in that.

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