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The New Normal
Family Members
August 2020 Vol 6 No 4 – August 19, 2020

Hard to know where to begin. Good writing is the hardest form of thinking. It involves the agony of turning profoundly difficult thoughts into words that explain, create a visible picture, and shape the journey of emotions.

Making Modifications to Keep a Loved One at Home
CaregiversFamily Members
June 2020 Vol 6 No 3 – June 24, 2020
When his 91-year-old mother-in-law needed full-time care after her colon cancer diagnosis, Mark Ryan made some adjustments in the family home to ensure her comfort and well-being.
We Are All Mehrshad: A Bright Sun
Family Members
April 2020 Vol 6 No 2 – April 27, 2020
After dealing with cancer in his family, Mehrshad Fekri faced the implications of his family history, and decided to educate men about breast cancer and to refocus his graduate studies on cancer research.
Family Meeting
Family Members
February 2020 Vol 6 No 1 – February 21, 2020
Paul Kidwell shares his devastating experience at a family gathering for his 31-year-old nephew, who was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer at age 25 and had only weeks to live.
The Aftermath
Family Members
December 2019 Vol 5 No 6 – December 27, 2019
Writing about his struggle as a husband, father, and caregiver during his wife’s agonizing battle with metastatic cancer helped Miguel Barron begin to heal, finally, only after he accepted how his life had changed forever.
Communicating About Cancer—More Fun Than Jury Duty
Family MembersFrom Your Navigator
June 2019 Vol 5 No 3 – June 25, 2019
“A cancer diagnosis can derail even the best methods of communication,” says oncology social worker Katie Narvarte. She offers tips on how to address difficult topics related to cancer, and how to avoid saying the wrong things.
Honoring Mothers with Cancer on Mother's Day
Family MembersHolidays and Cancer
Web Exclusives – April 30, 2019
If you're wondering how to honor a mother who has terminal cancer this Mother’s Day, we offer some suggestions for showing your love without bringing down the mood of the occasion.
Cancer Warrior Alliance
Family MembersSupport Services
February 2019 Vol 5 No 1 – February 27, 2019
Inspired by her mother’s courage, Krysten Ford started Cancer Warrior Alliance to help families such as hers arm themselves with resources and knowledge.
Patients: Don't Go It Alone
CaregiversFamily Members
Video Library – January 10, 2019
Hear why Dr Morganna Freeman stresses the importance of bringing an extra set of ears to appointments.
Wanting to Live in the Before
CaregiversFamily Members
December 2018 Vol 4 No 5 – December 28, 2018
“I wish we were us again, not this new amalgamation created by his diagnosis,” says Jennifer Brinkley as she discusses her fears about her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis and the impact on their daily life.
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