Considering the Side Effects Associated with Immunotherapies
ImmunotherapySide-Effects Management
Patients who are receiving immunotherapy should consult with their doctor immediately if and when any side effects occur, because immune-related adverse events may occur during therapy or even after discontinuation of therapy.
Cancer Moonshot: Immunotherapy Has Breathed New Life Into Cancer Treatment
Enter immunotherapy, stage left. This bright star has gained some traction over the past 2 decades, with the promise of more effective and less hazardous ways to combat cancer.
Gene Therapy a New Milestone in Immunotherapy
CAR T-cell therapy is a new type of immunotherapy that uses the patient’s genetically modified immune T-cells to attack cancer cells. In 2017, the FDA approved the first 2 CAR T-cell therapies for several types of blood cancer.
What Is Personalized Medicine, and Why Is It Important for Cancer Treatment? Interview with Dr. Ross Maclean
ImmunotherapyPersonalized Medicine
An interview with Ross Maclean, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President, Head of Medical at Precision Health Economics, Princeton, NJ, about the importance of personalized medicine in the treatment of cancer.
Important Changes in Lung Cancer Therapy Reported at ESMO 2017
Cancer ResearchImmunotherapyLung Cancer
Significant developments in the treatment of lung cancer were reported at the 2017 annual meeting of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) in Madrid, Spain.
The Promise of Immunotherapy
A roundup of 4 leading healthcare professionals offers an optimistic outlook on immunotherapy at the Second International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference, titled “Translating Science into Survival.”
What Is All the Hype About Immunotherapy?
Dr. Bruce Gershenhorn examines the hope that immunotherapy brings to patients, explaining the current medications available, side effects, and future of this promising therapeutic option.
Why Should I Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial for New Cancer Immunotherapies?
Cancer ResearchClinical TrialsImmunotherapy
According to the Cancer Research Institute, only 3% to 6% of eligible patients with cancer participate in clinical trials in the United States. Read the reasons why clinical trials are a great option to consider.
Immunotherapy for Melanoma: Finding a Response to an Unstoppable Disease
Catherine Poole breaks down the emerging immunotherapy options for Melanoma, not to be confused with the common skin cancers (basal-cell carcinoma and squamous-cell carcinoma) largely caused by exposure to UV rays.
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