Immunotherapy vs Targeted Therapy
Dr Morganna Freeman explains the difference between immunotherapies and targeted therapies in plain language for patients to easily understand.
Understanding Immunotherapy
Dr Morganna Freeman breaks down her methods for explaining immunotherapy to her patients.
Is Immunotherapy Appropriate Here?
Dr Morganna Freeman on the challenge of deciding when to treat a patient with immunotherapy.
The Evolving Field of Treatment Modalities
Dr Morganna Freeman considers the future application of treatment modalities and how they might be combined for optimal results.
Changing the Conversation: Immunotherapy and Long-Term Survival
Dr Morganna Freeman discusses some of the ways immunotherapy has changed cancer care, including the expectation for long-term survival and how to treat patients in remission.
Choosing Immunotherapy
Dr Morganna Freeman outlines some of the criteria used in deciding which patients will most benefit from immunotherapy.
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Offer New Hope for Patients with Lung Cancer
ImmunotherapyLung Cancer
Several immune checkpoint inhibitors are now approved for patients with non–small-cell lung cancer, giving hope to patients living with this disease.
After many years in development, the newest type of immunotherapy known as CAR T-cell therapy (or gene therapy) is becoming a mainstream treatment in some types of blood cancer, specifically in leukemia and lymphoma.
Advances in the Treatment of a Rare Type of Skin Cancer: Merkel-Cell Carcinoma
ImmunotherapySkin Cancer
Immunotherapy brings new hope for patients with Merkel-cell carcinoma, a rare type of skin cancer with few treatment options.
Immunotherapy Changing the Face of Cancer Care
ImmunotherapyIssue Introductions
New developments in immunotherapy drugs continue to create buzz in the cancer community and beyond. This special issue discusses key developments in immunotherapy, highlighting new advances and providing resources for patients, their family members, and their oncology navigators.
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