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CONQUER: the patient voice

This bimonthly publication includes:

  • Personal stories by patients, caregivers, and family members
  • Advice on dealing with costs related to cancer treatment
  • Up-to-date news about the latest cancer drugs, screening recommendations, and tools
  • Cancer-related articles by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals
  • Articles about nutrition, stress management, survivorship, and fulfilling life goals
  • Cancer-related art therapy by patients

What Readers Are Saying

  • CONQUER Magazine has so much useful information that I personally have benefited from and feel my coworkers could also benefit.

    —Cassandra L.

  • It’s great to be able to share my article with others, and have them get a taste of this magazine. My husband, a cancer caretaker and retired editor, reads it cover to cover and sends his compliments. Well laid out, carefully edited, and easy for the reader to navigate.

    —Donna A.

  • Your magazine is a good voice for patients with cancer and survivors, and I look forward to getting it each month.

    —Kim B.

  • Thank you for the work that you do. I'm glad I stumbled onto CONQUER Magazine during an internet search. What a wonderful thing!

    —Rebecca B.

  • I have been uplifted by CONQUER since I first started receiving it a couple of years ago. CONQUER augments the intellectual journey of cancer with the social, emotional, and spiritual journeys. It fills a critical void in the medical and patient communities. Thank you for your efforts to bring insights and perspective to our community.

    —Paula M.

  • I’ve been displaying copies of your magazine all over. I enjoy reading these issues: they give people a tremendous gift of hope! I envision these magazines being displayed in stores coast to coast—they give people with cancer a reason to live! I never knew a magazine like this ever existed. What a wonderful discovery!

    —Lydia M.

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