April 2016 Vol 2 No 2

Accepting the
Brain CancerPatient Stories
Rowan McNelly ushers in a new reality with her cancer diagnosis as she deals with recovery.
Clinical Trials: What's in It for Me?
Clinical Trials
For patients with cancer, decision-making can feel like a full-time job. The prospect of participating in a clinical trial can become just one more decision that needs to be made. Without the proper information and resources, participating in a clinical trial is often not even an option.
Use of Vitamins, Herbs, & Supplements During Cancer Treatment: Dos & Don'ts
Nutrition & CancerWellness Corner
The use of dietary supplements, which include vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural medicines, is increasing in the United States and is especially popular among patients with cancer. I
Retraining Your Mind to Be Your Own Best Advocate
Ginger Modiri advocates the power of knowledge in today's electronic world.
Art TherapyChemotherapy
“Me On Chemo” is a self-portrait by Nancy Webster using acrylic paint.
Pat Killingsworth: The Myeloma Community Lost An Inspirational Patient Advocate
Multiple Myeloma
On February 11, 2016, the multiple myeloma community lost Pat Killingsworth, one of its most loved and influential patient advocates. Pat was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April 2007, at age 51.
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